About Us
  • '마루'는 '산의 정상, 꼭대기, 최고'라는 의미를 갖는 순수 우리말입니다.
    'Maru' means "the top of a mountain, summit, or the highest point" in Korean.

    Since its establishment in 2014, Maru IP Law has lived up to its name by providing top-notch services and contributing to the success of its clients. With accumulated experience, unwavering passion, and a vision for the future, we will continuously strive to provide services that our clients can trust.

  • 열정, 끈기 그리고 치밀함으로 무장한 전문가 그룹
    A team of experts armed with passion, perseverance, and meticulousness.

    Maru's professionals believe that nothing beats the importance of unwavering passion and perseverance. They believe that by working tirelessly toward their goals, no matter how challenging the task, they can find the best solutions. With passion and perseverance, Maru's experts tenaciously seek solutions to our clients' problems.

  • 고객의 입장에서 생각하는 전문가 그룹
    A team of experts who think from the customer's perspective.

    Maru's professionals value a customer-centric approach. They engage with customers with openness and enthusiasm, fostering open communication and tailoring creative IP solutions to meet their needs. In addition, they uphold high professional ethics and focus on building trust and collaboration with clients to grow together.

  • IP 그 이상의 가치를 창출하는 전문가 그룹
    A team of experts creating value beyond IP.

    Maru's professionals believe that the value of IP should be maximized in the context of our clients' businesses, going beyond the mere generation of IP.

    Maru's professionals have specialized knowledge and practical experience in various national IP systems and diverse technology areas. They provide strategic IP solutions to ensure that our clients' IP contributes effectively to the achievement of their business goals.