Practice Areas

Standard essential patents are defined as patents that are essential
to the implementation of a global standard 4G/LTE, 5G/NR in telecommunications,
AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, etc. in video compression, etc.

The products and services that incorporate standard technology are expanding worldwide.
In addition, the companies that provide these products and services based on standard
technology cannot operate outside the standard specifications, making it very difficult
to circumvent standard essential patents. As a result, the number of patent disputes
involving standard patents continues to grow, and the amount of monetization related
to standard patents is also increasing. Therefore, the importance of standard essential
patents in business management activities is becoming increasingly important.

Maru IP Law is staffed with professionals who have a wealth of experience
in the field of standards patents. They are committed to providing
the best possible service at every stage to ensure that their clients
can effectively secure and monetize standard essential patents.

IP R&D 전략

Securing standard essential patents requires a sophisticated research and development strategy from the very beginning. Maru IP Law will provide R&D strategies and directions tailored to secure standard essential patents.