Practice Areas

As intellectual property increasingly becomes a measure of corporate competitiveness,
there is a growing need for effective strategies to secure valid intellectual property rights
from the R&D stage of products and services.

Maru IP Law provides consulting services to help clients secure strong intellectual property rights
from the early stages of R&D through prior art, trademark and design searches and analysis.
They also provide solutions for managing and exploiting the intellectual property portfolio secured.

In addition, in response to rapidly changing technology trends,
strategies are explored to acquire intellectual property rights from other entities.

Maru IP Law helps strengthen clients' intellectual property portfolios
by providing analysis services for potential acquisition targets.

선행 기술∙상표∙디자인 조사

For efficient R&D, it is necessary to conduct research and analysis of prior art, trademarks and designs at the initial stage.

Maru IP Law provides direction for R&D and offers various solutions for securing robust strategic patents through prior art research and analysis.

In addition, Maru IP Law provides advice on the development direction of product branding and design through research and analysis of prior trademarks and designs.