Practice Areas

Maru IP Law provides services in intellectual property disputes,
including drafting infringement warnings and responses, providing information,
filing objections, conducting invalidation trials, confirming the scope of rights trials,
and appealing trial decisions. They also provide overseas response and licensing services.

Based on their experience and know-how, they propose optimal dispute resolution
procedures to protect clients' intellectual property, provide dispute consultation
through comprehensive analysis of competitors' patents, and provide optimal
response strategies during disputes.

They also provide services for the active exploitation of clients' intellectual
property, prepare patent assessments for business growth, and negotiate licensing
agreements and technology transfers.

사건 경고장 작성 및 대응

When a rights holder discovers infringement by a third party, preliminary steps such as gathering evidence and sending infringement warnings are required before taking legal action such as litigation and trial.

In addition, when an alleged infringer receives an infringement warning from a right holder, a thorough review of the validity of the right holder's claims is necessary. Maru IP Law offers various dispute resolution options to maximize clients' interests prior to litigation and trial in intellectual property disputes.